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With strong links between industry and academia, focused clusters, and strong chains linking research to product and business creation, the Dutch Life Sciences sector competes on a global scale.

News about the sector

> Philips taps into Dutch affinity for collective collaboration
> Philips develops brainwave-controller for ALS patients

Holland's life sciences industry helps advance health care worldwide

The Dutch made impressive contributions to the world’s medical science: Hans and Zacharias Jansen invented the microscope around 1590, Dutchman Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (1632 - 1723) is known as ‘the Father of Microbiology’, biologist Jan Swammerdam was the first, in 1658, to observe and describe red blood cells, Willem Einthoven won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1924 for his invention of the electrocardiogram and Willem Kolff, who is regarded as one of the most important physicians of the twentieth century, developed and applied the first functioning artificial kidney in 1943, and was involved in many breakthrough ... More >

Infographic: The Dutch Life Sciences Sector

This infographic provides you with a visual overview of the most salient features of the Dutch Life Sciences sector. The infographic can be downloaded in its entirety, as a PDF, as well as by individual sub-topic. The infographics are copyright of and are free to download and publish on condition that the source is clearly mentioned: © 2013

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Hollandtrade Life Sciences Infographic

World's first birth simulation lab a success

World's first birth simulation lab a success

The lab, where teams of gynecologists can practice complicated deliveries, has received bookings... More >

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